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The Formula

The fundamental building blocks for life are composed of threeʼs.

• Elements ~ Water, fire (plasma), and air (gas) create condensed mass. • Light ~ Red, green and blue are the primary colors that create all colors. • Particles~Twomagneticcurrentsandtheneutralparticlesofmatter,generate

patterns of matter. Mater to Pater, Mother to Father, Matter to Pattern.

Three, again, is the underpinning structure for particles, light and water. Each has a triangular bond, corresponding to our fractal and holographic universe. These prisms are a construct of particles of light.

In the spiritual world, there is Buddha’s threefold nature, and the Christian Trinity, and both encompass the all seeing, third eye. This is part of the mystical code of how we experience our outer and inner world. The meaning of religion is to re – bind, to remind us that our essence is light.

There is but ONE Creator and the formula is fundaMENTAL and eleMENTAL.