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Radolfo Fiorini PhD
The teaching activities of R.A. Fiorini at Politecnico di Milano include the use intercultural transdisciplinary approaches to help the creation of reality levels where engineering and life sciences can synergically interact to promote scientific discovery and the development of vital biomedical relationship through continuous education and research. According to new biomedical cybernetics principles, as from International journals and conference proceedings, Dr. Fiorini is deeply investing in human resources and companies to test innovating models and to support the shift that is coming. Dr. Fiorini’s main research interest include cooperating with neuroscientists, physicians, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists to research and experiment innovative approaches to human wellbeing. New complex system science, nonlinear modeling, mental health disciplines, bioengineering, biomedical engineering, bionics, biosciences, neurosciences, space sciences and life sciences are marking the future of biomedicine and human existence through extended diagnosis-therapy clinical process life-cycle wise evolutive management and intelligent networking. Since 1981, at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Dr. Fiorini’s research activities are giving a tangible contribution to the development of new generation Biomedical Systems and Guidelines, to the creation of new Biomedical Professionals, Biometrics and Cybiometrics Systems, Strategic Active Support Systems for e-Gov Healthcare Business to shape the Biotechnology Laboratory and the Hospital of the Future to human life, wellbeing, public health, wellness and fitness.Specialties: evolutionary dynamics, biomedical cybernetics, business intelligence, proteomics, optical tomography image processing, emotions, cognitive dissonance, neuroscience, systems thinking, relational competence theory, magnetism and magnetic materials, nanotech, nanoscience, nutrition, oxidative stress.