Welcome to this visual tour as I unravel the mystery of our designer universe. My quest was to be see Godʼs designer studio and here is a glimpse.

As I lift the veil you will see the Creator everywhere and in everything. This mystical journey awakens you, the dreamer, to the science and spirit of living.

Through the contribution of over 60 innovative thinkers, scientists and artists, I have woven a compelling tapestry that threads science to sage, east to west, and heart to mind. This mosaic is not a story but a synthetics of elemental and fundamental building blocks of life, so you can see how all is entwine. This book reveals complex ideas in a simple and visual way. It is an invitation to explore more deeply science to sage.

Within this tapestry there is but ONE Master Weaver.

My question to humanity is as this veil lifts will we let go of our righteousness and allow for diversity; and in so doing restore our dignity and humanity?

“The original and literal meaning of the term apocalypse, however, is not “destruction” but “lifting of the veil” or “revelation.” It referred to the disclosure of secrets, hidden from the majority of humanity, to certain privileged persons.” ~ Stanislav Grof
this is science with soul.