Take a quantum leap into the mysteries of our universe. Let Science to Sage take you on a mystical and scientific journey beyond the veil.

See the elemental forces behind creation and the blueprint that generates and flowers all of life. Through this lens you will see how all is interconnectedness to the web of life. Get a new spin, real to reel.

Based on the book Insideout, Visual Journey into Our Universe

Wow, this should come with a warning that opening it might cause lost time, slipped appointments, altered states, experiences of bliss, changes in worldview, and deep gratitude for you and for our participation in creation.

This is the secret teaching of all ages for our times. ~ Thank you, bless you. ~ Foster Gamble

Karen Elkins has a natural sense of truth and she is quick to embrace what is truth. This is exactly what is needed to advance mankind into blossoming in the ways it always should have from the very beginning of civilization.

Nature is always correct, and it is nature that we should follow loyally as our authority that we embrace and learn from.

Thank you Karen for your efforts to convey this most important message! ~ Jon DePew

InsideOut is a mastery of, weaving the fabric of the cosmic harp, engaged and immersed in the unified field of sciences… all the dimensions as Dear Tesla shared “ If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration. ~ Krishna Madappa, President and Co-Founder, Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability; Taos, NM


To quote Stanislav Grof, referring to the disclosure of wisdoms and secrets, hidden from the majority of humanity, to certain privileged persons:“The original and literal meaning of the term apocalypse, is not “destruction” but “lifting of the veil” or “revelation.”

 1 ~ Elements of Creation and the Trinity Episode
2 ~ A Mystical & Scientific Journey into the Fabric of Life Episode
3 ~ The Living Cosmos
4 ~ Water, The Solution for Life
5 ~ Signatures of Water, The Sacred Well
6 ~ Light of Mind
 7 ~ The Language of Light
8 ~ Shades and Vibrations of Wellness
9 ~ The Electric Design Episode
10 ~ Duality or Polarities?
11 ~ Our Body Electric, Current Issues
 12 ~ Our 5 Senses Episode
13 ~ The 6 Sense, Entangle Minds
 14 ~ Dimensions, Beyond Limits
15 ~ The Breath, Your Life’s Work
16 ~ The Heart Equation
17 ~ Earth & the Pattern Maker
18 ~ The Geometry of Life
19 ~ The Many Ways to Know Thyself
20 ~ The Science of Sound
21 ~ Art as Fact and Destiny
22 ~ Temple Building and the Human Body
23 ~ The Cosmic Gateway
24 ~ The One Story
25 ~ Riddles and Codes
26 ~ The Reason to Be …for starters!

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