science to sage radio

Science to Sage Radio ~ Interviews by Karen Elkins,  featured  leading edge scientists, innovative thinkers, researchers, and artists from around the world. For two years we unravel the mysteries of our universe.

Science to Sage radio, was hosted by the Awakening Zone, and it is where Science to Sage magazine come alive.  The goal was to advance progressive ideas, be it science, spirituality, world philosophies, or ancient wisdom.

You can still listen into some the broadcasts here.

Some past guest hosted by the Awakening Zone.

• Dr. Emoto• Dr. Gerald Pollack • Jonathan Goldman • Dr. West Marrin • Stan Tenen • Miceal Ledwith • Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. • Freddy Silva • Don Estes • Josef Tyls, Ph.D. • Dr. Larry Dossey • Bruce Lipton Ph.D. & Margaret Horton • Dr. Joe Dispenza • Richard Merrick • Dr. Kontantin Korotkov • John Hagelin Ph.D. • John Stuart Reid • Rupert Sheldrack • Howard Martin • Wal Thornhil • and more….