Welcome to this new show on the Super Powers UP… Mystical Science, I’m your host – Karen Elkins and we explore science to sage. 

For 10 years I’ve done extensive RESEARCH into the convergence of science, consciousness and world philosophies. This new show Mystical Science will engage with world leaders and innovative thinkers discussing their INsights, INovations, and INspirations. My intention is that these conversations ignite the awareness of your INNER mystic.

Though all the years of creating Science to Sage Magazines, 60 to date, conducting interviews, and author InsideOUT an award winning book in science, behind the scenes most scientists reveal their inspirations from a higher Source. 

So….Be it a dream, an ah h moment, or a “download” we know breakthroughs don’t generally from a book…but from revelation. 

This is not for a select few…but for the curious. As Jesus said…ask and the door shall be open.  I hope these shows inspire you to question, be curious and trust your inner guidance.

Starting Soon tune in with Gregg Braden, Larry Dossey, Tim Freke, Ananda Bosman, Krishna Madappa, Sperry Andrews and more