Karen Elkins, is the recipient of a prestigious IPPY Award (Independent Publisher Award) in the Science Category for her stunning visual masterpiece, InsideOut: Revealing the Mysteries of Creation and the Wisdom to Live your Life more Consciously Connected.

New York Times bestselling author, Gregg Braden, states, “InsideOut is destined to become a cornerstone for teaching the unified science of the new millennium.”  

Blending leading-edge science with ancient mystical wisdom, InsideOut presents a “scenic” journey in which the author dissolves the lines between science, spirituality and nature’s secrets through the portrayal of natural rhythms, cycles, and geometry. InsideOut demonstrates how everything from the very large to the very small—from the birth of galaxies to the formation of atoms and cells—emerges from simple, connected, and unified patterns of nature. 

Foster Gamble, producer of the Thrive movie states, “InsideOut should come with a warning that opening it might cause lost time, slipped appointments, altered states, experiences of bliss, changes in worldview, and deep gratitude. This is the secret teaching of all ages for our times.”  

In InsideOut, Elkins offers the most comprehensive and compelling synthesis of modern science, ancient wisdom and timeless art – melded into a revolutionary view of the universe – known today.  InsideOut features 3000 gorgeous, full-color photographs, plus the works of 60 of the world’s greatest scientists, luminaries in the field of consciousness, and innovative thinkers.

WITNESS how modern science and ancient wisdom bridge

EXPLORE what it means to be truly connected, consciously empowered and awake

SEE how ALL is entwined from plants, people to planets

SEE how YOU are connected and how you interact in the field

DISCOVER new water science and the radiance of life’s light

LEARN what moves you and how to harness these forces

States Elkins, “Ultimately, readers will discover that the key to healing, and ultimately our survival as humans on this planet, lies in our ability to embrace ourselves and the world as being alive, conscious and connected.”