Chapter 5 – Water

And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” ~ Genesis 1:6

Water is the medium from which life comes fourth. Life is said to have emerged from the seas, and spiritual texts note that we are the living waters.

Water is natureʼs recycling system, flowing from liquids, solids to gases. It is but one substance in an ever-changing state. Hence, this is another place where science and spirituality bridge, as we are the alpha and the omega, life without end.

Water is also the mixer of life. Waterʼs force moves and grooves all aspects of life. Its current design channels vortexes of energy, be it whirlwinds, to whirlpools consolidating and gathering matter into information of energy.

This information is transferred via waterʼs crystalline structure, as it has many fazes and faces, it moves like a symphony of vibrational energy. Its tetrahedron structure is but a prism of light, which registers wave lengths, which is measured on the spectrum of light. It also carries its information through lines of conductivity. Water acts like a battery. It receives and circulates radiant energy, recharging and sustaining life.

Water is the universal solvent, it is the solution we bathe in, take in, and it is the tape recorder within. Like crystalline formations, it records impressions, and transmits in-form-a-tion, while replaying our lines.

Water is the solution which gives resolution to life.

The solution for life.



Primordial Soup

Rene Quinton

Harmonic Evolution


The Science of Sound

4th Phase of Water


Octaves in Water

Frauhofer Absorption Lines

Chemistry in Water


Flow Forms




Water and Light

Sacred Geometry






Georg Schroecker

West Marrin, Ph.D.

Rene Quinton

Rachel Carson, Marine Biologist

Don Estes

Richard Merrick

Gary Robert Buchanan

Gerald Pollack, Ph. D.

James Oschman, Ph.D. 

Alick Bartholomew

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Walter Russell

Theodor Schwenk

Viktor Schauberger

Dr. Emoto

Georg Shoecker 

Josef Tyls

Viktor Schauberger

John Stuart Reid

Jim Dooley

Theodor Schwenk

Gene Webb

Dra. Esther Del Rio

Serrano, Dra. Esther Patricia Pérez Del Rio

Dale Pond


Randy Hatton

Freddy Silva

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Birthed in the Living Waters


Interview with Leading Water Experts

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