Chapter 10 – The Geometer


Meaning of Numbers 1-9

Sacred Geometry and Cell Development

Matter to Pattern, Mother and Father


Vesica Pisces, Three is Key

Four Elements, Building Block


5 Platonic solids

Circle of Fifths

Golden Ratio

Venus, Rose Line

Hexagonal Conductive Design

7 planes and 7 levels to completion

9 Rodin Circuit

Repeating Patterns of 9

Rodin circuit



Timothy Freke and Peter Ganday – Hermetica

Dale Pond

Jon DePew

Marko Rodin

Anthony Morris

Richard Merrick

John Stuart Reid 

Timothy Freke & Peter Ganday


Freddy Silva


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Patterns in Nature


Chapter 6 – Light, Life and Illumination 

Imagine that life is like a kaleidoscope, rearrange our perception of light. This concept is portrayed in houses of worship from the mosaics in the Mosque, to the stain glass windows in a Cathedral. That is why God is unknowable in any one form. That is why it is said that God is the light of the world, and is everywhere and in everything.

As light BEING, we are HUEman. Our choices color our emotions and words, just as our love is radiant. Color is but a reflection of a frequency of information. The color of food, your mood, is but a vibration of energy. Color, hence vibration. has the ability to heal, or create discord, where have we missed this basic understanding?

Weʼve seen the light waves emanating from a projector, from this we can construe that life is light. That is why some call this life an illusion. Walter Russell, says the “secret of life is in the wave”. Why? Because it holds the frequency, hence the channel we are “set” to. Like the TV, we project our image into a “solid state”. We are but particles of light, pixel- zed, and arranged for viewing.

Our life is defined by our story lines, our signature, to the lines on our hands. Our words cast a spell, our script is where we draw the line, and what we feel is what we field.

We are holographic imagining machine with a dual processor. The two hemispheres of our brain process information differently, be it pictures or words (code), imagine-al or concrete. Our story line does not have to be set in stone, as self biologist, we can define our genes, they are only a blueprint. How we shape them is up to us.

Abracadabra is derived from an ancient Aramaic language meaning “I create what I speak”.!Languages are the literal transmission of light, math, vibration, ratio and logos.!“in the beginning was the word and the word was good…”!The power of the word itself is absolute creation.” ~ Josef Tyls




We are Hue-man


Electric Magnetic Spectrum

Harmonic Spectrum Morphs the Field

Particles to Pixels


Cosmic Gateway


Crystalline Light

Sacred Geometry


Theory of Everything


The Living Word

Hebrew Alphabet

Patterns and Ancient Art




Mathematical Loom

Languages of Light

Healing Color

Color food and moods

Auras and Electro Photon Imaging

Radiant Energy

Chakras, the Electric Spectrum and Sound

Astrology and the Cosmic Wheel of Fortune



Konstantin Korotkov

Krishna Madappa

Don Estes

Randy Stack

Ernest Richards

Gene Webb

Bill Tiller

Stan Tenen

Marko Rodin

Dale Pond

Clay Taylor

Arnold Keyserling

Walter Russell

Robert Dursi

LoVcdi Lofferty & Dud Hollowed, Ph.D


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Light, Life and Electric

Link to Interview with Experts by Karen Elkins

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