Chapter 3 – Heavens/Space

This Master Designer utilizes a timeless template that is visible at any scale. Yet, until modern times, when we can now peer through super powered microscopes and telescopes, and now the Cymascope, were we able to pierce the veil.

The Creatorʼs magnetic weave, of golden thread, (Golden Ratio), spins the fundamental elements of nature into waves and light formations. This magnetic current formulates similar shapes that can be seen from outer-space to our personal landscape be it cells, DNA, eyes, to our heart. We are all part of an interconnected web. All is birthed in expanding and contracting universesʼ, evolving in stages, and cycling through the Ages.

Through these vortexes of energy, particles are funneled through something likened to an hourglass. The pinched point, where the mass collects, is considered the NOW in time. The other 2 reference points, and how I visualize them, is that either particles are converging towards an event, a future, or particles are releasing from an event, the past.

In these vortexes, black holes, we are caught in a spin for a time, one might say we are black holes wandering in space. These vortexes are portal for light, where we, like a snowflake, are a crystalline form (pure chemistry) frozen for a moment in time.

As light beings, like all celestial bodies, we are connected by charged networks of electrical fields and pulses. From the sun to ourselves, we experience flare ups, and heated conditions from time to time. We live in a charged universe, hence, we live a charged life.

All electrical circuits have opposite polarities, with plus and minus charges. This oscillation is the rhythmical balancing act seen as we inhale and exhale, or like solar system which implode and explode. As we move from day to night, light to dark, and from hot to cold; this convergence of opposites, fuels and sparks, our electric light show.


As Above, So Below

Timeless template on all scales

Aether & Water the Mediums

Channels of Light


Portals of Light




Wal Thornhil

Don Scott

Walter Russell

Max Planck

Nikola Tesla

Richard Merrick


Aaron Murakami

Albert Einstein

Johannes Kepler

Gene Webb

Don Estes

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John Haglin Ph.D

Wal Thornhill




“I Am the life of the world: I am the sap in the trees, and the sweet water that lies beneath the children of matter.” ~ Manichean psalm

Chapter 4 – Earth

We have been given a garden to play in and experience our act of creation. We arrive connected, and a seed of intelligence encoded within. It is interesting that many of our invention are insights and refections of our inner workings.

By natureʼs design all of creation is made of self-similar patterns, which are fractal by design. This relationship also nurtures our nature, for example walnuts are good for our brain, avocados for the womb, and kidney beans for the kidney’s. The Master Mind of this design would call this form and function.

We are defines by the type of skin we swim in. As kin, treeʼs to people, spinesʼ are knotted and twisted by lifeʼs conditions; and veins channel life force energy be it rivers, leaves or your hand.

Nature also seems to cluster into collectives of similar vibrations, from eco-systems,ʼ to cultural bias. We think we are unique, and special, yet we live on this tiny speck in the universe. We should appreciate that variety is designed into all systems, as there is no one kind of anything.

One aspect that is common to all living conditions on earth is the Schumann resonance; this is earthʼs frequency. Our mind and heart beat to its pulse. We are in resonance with earthʼs vibration, hence why we have gravitated, and been magnetized to this gournd of existence.

In our relation – ship we should understand that what we do to earth, we do to ourselves.



Our Garden


Natures Intelligence

Patterns in Nature

The Fractal Body

Chemistry – Structure



Affects of Environments

Cycle in Nature

Growth Cycles

Schumann Resonances

Earths Magnetic Fields

Heart Math

Electric World

Cause and Affect



Form and Function

Balance in Nature



R. A. Robert Dursi

Johannes Kepler

Hotel Hilton

Gerald Pollack, Ph.D.

West Marrin, Ph.D.

John Keely

Jon DePew

Dale Pond

Mike Waters

The Kybalion

Jane Benyus

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