Chapter 9 – Air

Air is an elemental component of life, it is literally our life force. Our state of mind calibrates and regulates our passage ways and what goes into the airways, hence our current life.

Our thoughts spoken are animated by the quality of our tone, the cadence in our breath, which projects our spirit. Our cord reverberates throughout our body and those around us. Our relationships are but an exchange of waves of information. We are either in-sync or out-of-sync, in-phase or out-of-phase. All rides on the current information.

Our body is our vehicle, and like a car it needs gas to run. Where we drive the car depends on where we want to go. First there must be an idea, and then one must fuel the vehicle to make it go. No energy, no effort, no go. As the operator of the machine, how we fuel the vehicle, maintain the vehicle will make a difference. And, depending on our make and model, we are either high or low maintenance. (check your dosha or your chart)

Consider how we fuel a situation makes a different on what pressures we put on the machine. We measure the stress levels by high and low blood pressure, heart rate, and brain waves. Stress wears the motor out which causes fatigued. So watch the gauges.

Our words, our breath, is our lifeʼs work.

“Breath is the movement (vibration) of Spirit in the body.” ~ Andrew Weil, MD




Atom’s sphere


Sound Vibration

Sound in Space


“Body Waves” – Current Conditions

Phases – in and out

Brain Waves


Breathe Work

Chi – Enery

DNA and Sound

Cells and Sound

Life is a Gas



Nikola Tesla

Ernest Richards

Stuart Mitchell

Mark Rossi

Gene Webb

Dr Shealy, 

Michael Brown

Dr. Emoto Foundation

Richard Merrick

Terres Unsoel

Fabien Maman

Konstantin Korotkov

Walter Russell

Thích Nhất Hạnh

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