Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs – Protons & the Water Bridge (Water Conference)

Protons and the floating water bridge

Elmar Fuchs, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology “Wetsus”, the Netherlands. He is program manager Wetsus, scientific project manager Applied Water Physics. Interests are mainly about fundamental properties of water and water’s interaction with external fields, especially with high voltage (e.g. the so-called “floating water bridge”)

The Floating Water Bridge | Dr. Elmar Fuchs – REALTIME



“…And now I have only one more remark to make. There will be some amongst you who will ask what use are such experiments as these? I answer that the more we pry into the mysteries of electricity the more we shall be able to apply it to the service of mankind…”(W.G. Armstrong, “Electrical Phenomena”, in: “The Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society”, The Electrical Engineer, Feb. 10 (1893) 155)

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