Chapter 10 – The Geometer


Meaning of Numbers 1-9

Sacred Geometry and Cell Development

Matter to Pattern, Mother and Father


Vesica Pisces, Three is Key

Four Elements, Building Block


5 Platonic solids

Circle of Fifths

Golden Ratio

Venus, Rose Line

Hexagonal Conductive Design

7 planes and 7 levels to completion

9 Rodin Circuit

Repeating Patterns of 9

Rodin circuit



Timothy Freke and Peter Ganday – Hermetica

Dale Pond

Jon DePew

Marko Rodin

Anthony Morris

Richard Merrick

John Stuart Reid 

Timothy Freke & Peter Ganday


Freddy Silva


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Patterns in Nature


Chapter 2 – The Code

We are made of the same weave, woven by a flexible magnetic field of spinning particles of light. As these spinning wheels cycle they create vortex of energy called torus fields. These fields generate waves of information which are their harmonic signature. This sound idea is pure chemistry, geometry in motion.

Everything is energy and everything is vibrating.

This blueprint, known to ancients across the globe, was the Flower of Life. Its harmonic principle can be viewed in a drop of water to the harmonics of the spheres, macro to micro, all is noted.

Its golden thread, the Golden Ratio, it is also referred to as fibonacci numbers. It is a sequence and spin rate revealing the innate intelligent design embedded in an objected from a daisy, to a galexy.

These insights, as above, so below, and so within, are also woven within the matrix of your mind. We are not the first to unravel this mystery.



Flower of Life

The Dream Catcher

Torus Field

Everything is Energy

Magnetic Field

Mater, Pater-Matter to Pattern, Mother and Father



Golden Ratio

Divine Template

Triptych Design

Harmonic Lattice

Esoteric Symbols

Pinecones vortexes, vector points

Pineal Gland

God is Within

Electric-Magnetic Field

Harmonic Lattice

Wave Functions

Temple Building

Rosslyn Chapel, Sound Chamber

Platonic solids and Kepler

Five Element


Knotted and Noted



Dr. Wae-Wan Ho

Nikola Tesla

Johannes Kepler

Jon DePew

Richard Merrcik

Richard Cassaro

Don Estes

Josef Tyls

Walter Russell

Richard Merrick

Freddy Silva

Johannes Kepler

MJ Pangman

John Stuart Ried

Stan Tenen

Edwin Kaal

Ernest Richards

MJ Pangman

 Melanie Evans

The Hermetica, The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs


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Patterns in Nature

Dr. Miceal Ledwith

Freddy Silva



“Nature uses as little as possible of anything.” ~ Johannes Kepler

The Intro Poem

From the Monad, The fountain of the eternal one Comes chemistry, numerology and geometry.

From the Monad and Dyad The Mother and Dad Matter to pattern They’re uniting, their love Co-creates another one.

From the Vesica Pisces The portal for life As when 3 or more gather It’s the pyramid scheme for life.

The formula starts with liquids, solids, and gases Radiating and emanating your hue

Which is created from red, yellow and blue.

Add one more to this equation Now you have direction and dimension Earth, water, air and fire

Your elemental chemistry at play Your composition and disposition

Your dosha on display.

Intuition, emotions, thought and senses Your Four Fold Nature is where Buddha gets a mention.

5 has a pentagon shape It’s the pinnacle of you It’s life’s unfolding rhythm that abides in you. It is also found in the sacred sound From the Tibetan to the Gregorian chant Offering you a transcendent view.

To your 5 senses To experience the essence of you To your every thought When spoken creates Your crystalline structure The geometry of you.

Now, six has a hexagonal shape Like a snowflake It’s wired to fire Generating your battery.

Egyptian mythology Says its your Merkaba body Your light body that spins.

It stimulates your DNA Your blueprint Your impulse for life Your desire to play.

With 7 chakras to ignite This is an Eastern’s delight.

You evolve in 7 stages From mitosis, to the embryo 7 parts of your retina 7 layers to your skin 7 parts to your ear 7 cavities in your heart and… And from this chamber life starts.

7 is also about completion 7 days of creation 7 days of the week With 7 colors to view.

Yet, the chess game of life is very black and white and checkered too.

8 x 8 is where you square off Calculating your every move From the pawn to the King

Your every play unfolds your scheme.

The wisdom of the Tao and the I Ching Says your every move should be about mindfulness and mastery.

8 is also the binding factor of chemistry.

This gets you to 9 Where it is all about awareness and universality The perfect triad, the trinity 3 is the idea of you 6 is the light in you 9 has the potential for bliss.

This is a time for reflection and recollection A complete evolution and rotation.

This covers the spectrum Your crystallized essence And sacred geometry It is evolutions unfolding design It is all part of chemistry

And the rearranging of frequencies. It’s all revealed in our ancient texts

From the Hindu, to Hebrew Consider it your nature and the formula of you.

~ Karen Elkins