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Is vibration creation?

We are made of the same weave, woven by a flexible magnetic field of spinning particles of light. As these spinning wheels cycle they create vortex of energy called torus fields. These fields generate waves of information which are their harmonic signature. This sound idea is pure chemistry, geometry in motion.

Everything is energy and everything is vibrating.

This blueprint, known to ancients across the globe, was the Flower of Life. Its harmonic principle can be viewed in a drop of water to the harmonics of the spheres, macro to micro, all is noted.

Its golden thread, the Golden Ratio, it is also referred to as fibonacci numbers. It is a sequence and spin rate revealing the innate intelligent design embedded in an objected from a daisy, to a galexy.

These insights, as above, so below, and so within, are also woven within the matrix of your mind. We are not the first to unravel this mystery.