Marko Rodin – Vortex Base Mathematics

A Game Changing Technology 

Marko Rodin discovered a series of regularities in the decimal number system heretofore undocumented and overlooked by conventional mathematics and science. These patterns layout on the surface and within the volume of a torus, giving way to a revolutionary body of work known as Vortex Based Mathematics.

The Decoqubit is a Holographic Hypersphere

Marko Rodin’s Decoqubit is a Divine algorithm that is the schematic of the universe. It reveals the pathway that all matter and energy takes as it flows into the future, from the quantum level up to solar systems and galaxies. Simply stated, Marko has discovered the underpinning geometry of the universe and the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron.

Transformative Implications

The scope of Rodin’s discoveries is staggering and universally applicable to some of the most coveted areas of scientific research & development, including Zero-Point Energy, Advanced Propulsion Systems, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and DNA Science.

D E C O Q U B I T . C O M